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Adam's Story

Hi, thank you for coming to my profile and checking out HandUp!

I'm just trying to get by like anyone else. I've been in SF for seven years on and off. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem, so I try to help out how I can by volunteering at St. Anthony's, Coalition on Homelessness, Project Homeless Connect, and for other non-profits. I also sell the Street Sheet.

This last year has beaten me up health-wise. I’ve had some really bad health issues come up, like all my teeth breaking. I’m really pushing to get indoors, because this last year has killed me. All my family is dead and gone. The only family I have are my kids, and I would never ask my children to house me.

I have some opportunities to do some training: grant-writing and fundraising, so the biggest project I’m working on right now is trying to get 20 people to sponsor me for $50/month on a one year commitment so I can get indoors and get myself healthy and get into a real life routine again so I have a fair change of making it out there. I don’t know where else to turn but to you, my community.

I’m currently working with an entrepreneur and sociologist who I met through HandUp on a documentary: Homeless GoPro. We’re showing the darker side of homelessness and how people are losing their empathy.

Kevin Adler wrote a front page article in the SFGate about us: Homeless GoPro offers 1st-hand look on S.F. homeless You can also check out the website for the documentary here: Homeless GoPro

One of my future plans is to start a non-profit called the poinsettia project, which will grow seasonal plants and sell them during the holidays. To get my business going, I need plants, pots, garden space, and a greenhouse. If anyone has the heart or the land, please help!

Come see me and buy a Street Sheet near Molly Stones in the Castro!

  • Update from Adam 4/18/14, 5:19 PM

    Hello to all my donors,

    My dental procedure was done on April 16th, and it went really well. I really want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who helped me to do this, and I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the website and donate.

    Please, if you have the time check out the website, my new goal is to get 20 people to sponsor me for housing at $50 a month. I already have 7 people who are helping me and I would appreciate your help!

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